Meet our daughter!!

Birth Date:  September 13th, 2005

Chinese Name:   Guo Yan  (Guo is the surname given to all of the children in her orphanage)

Orphanage Location:  Beiliu City SWI, near Nanning, Guangxi province, southern China

Information we've received from her orphanage:   

  • She was born with congenital heart disease, ASD, but it doesn't seem to affect her.
  • She is approx. 32 inches tall and weighs only 20lbs.
  • She has lived in the orphanage since infancy.
  • When Guo Yan touches the stairs she can walk down and up by herself. 
  • She loves to walk around and play with toys.
  • When she is in her little bed, she will move her bed.
  • She loves to rip paper!
  • She can speak simple sentences (in Chinese of course!).
  • She eats Congee (a porridge like mixture of rice, meat and vegetable).
  • She loves to hold her blanket while she sleeps.
  • She wants to be #1 all of the time.
  • She loves to play outside.

Referral Pictures: These are the pictures we were given of Mylie as a baby at the beginning of our adoption process.

Age: Unknown

Age:  Approx. 9-11 months



Age:  2 Years