Pictures of a typical Chinese Orphanage:

 These pictures are not pictures of Mylie's orphanage, but are very typical of orphanages across China.  The busy nannies do their best to take care of the children in their care.

This is a picture of one of the nannies in an orphanage in China. 


Preparing Formula

Cribs in many of the orphanages in China do not have mattresses like we do here (although I have seen some that do).  The babies and children sleep often sleep on boards just like you see here.   In this orphanage each baby is given a blanket.  In some orphanages they will tie one toy to each crib as well. 

There are often 20-45 babies in one baby room in an orphanage. 


The babies cribs are lines up together in rows and often back to back as well.