China Travel Schedule

October 3rd (Wed):  Leave for China from MSP

October 4th (Thurs):  Evening of October 4th -- We fly into Beijing.  The total flight time is approx. 19 hours.

October 5th-6th (Fri & Sat):  Sightseeing in Beijing. 

October 7th (Sunday):  We fly to Guangxi province, City of Nanning.   This is the city where we will meet Mylie.  It is about 3 hours from her orphanage in Beiliu City. 

October 8th (Mon):  Today we meet Mylie!!  She will go back to the hotel with us today.

October 9th (Tues):  Mylie officially becomes our daughter.

October 10th-11th (Wed & Thurs):  Wait for paperwork, shopping, sightseeing, get to know Mylie.

October 12th (Fri):  Pick up Mylie's passport and then fly to Guangzhou to complete adoption.

October 13th (Sat):  Mylie's medical exam and visa.

October 14th (Sunday): Half day sightseeing.

October 15th (Monday):  Submit US Consulate fees and paperwork for review.

October 16th (Tues):  Go to US consulate to take oath and get Mylie's Visa to US

October 17th (Wed):  Take early morning flight to US.  We leave on the 8:20am flight and arrive home in MSP, NW flight 20 at 12:05 PM on Wednesday.  The flight time is approx. 15 hours.